• What is Islam? – Part 2
    What is Islam? – Part 20

    The most important thing in Islam is to know the foundation of Islam that is: Testimony of Faith (Syahadah) The Syahadah is divided into 2 phrases: (i) La ilaha illa Allah (meaning ‘There is no god rightfully worshipped except Allah’) (ii) Muhammad rasoolu Allah (meaning ‘Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah’) One who belief these

  • What is Islam? – Part 1
    What is Islam? – Part 10

    Islam came 3 root words: a) Salaam – Peace, harmony, tranquility, calm b) Aslama – Willing submission, willing obedience, total surrender c) Salima – Authentic, pure Aslama + Salima = Salaam As a faith, Islam means total or sincere surrender to God Almighty through following the authentic source so that one can live in peace

  • What Does Religions Say About Alcohol
    What Does Religions Say About Alcohol0

    Alcohol is a type of drink with alcoholic substance that is able to make an individual drunk. Even if it can only affect the individual in a large quantity, drinking it in a lesser quantity is still considered as alcohol as it has the criteria of an alcoholic beverage. The history of alcohol invention is

  • The Evolution of Religions in India
    The Evolution of Religions in India0

    In the early days, India had a great civilization. From 3000-2000 BC, Harappa and Mohenjodaro were the great civilizations there. The actual occupants of India who lived there were the Dravidia race. The Dravidia were the indigenous people who have lived in Harrapa which was located in Punjab and North Karachi around 3000-2000 BC [1].


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